4 Ways To Protect Your Hair From Chlorinated Water

The chlorine in swimming pools can damage your hair and leave you struggling for months to get it back in shape. If you plan on spending time at the pool during the warm weather months, it is important that you prep your hair for the experience. Here are four ways to get your hair pool ready.

Visit the Hair Salon

Before you head off to the pool, schedule an appointment with your hair stylist. The stylist can either help blend a shampoo and conditioner or recommend salon quality items to help protect your hair from the chlorine. A clarifying shampoo can help to remove dirt and build up that might result from swimming. 

It is important that your stylist helps you select the right products or creates them for you. A clarifying shampoo that is not natural and contains too many chemicals can actually strip your hair. The result is very dry hair which is more susceptible to breakage. 

Wet Your Hair

It might seem strange, but it is a good idea to wet your hair before you jump in the swimming pool. When you wet your hair, it will soak up the good, fresh water before you expose it to the chlorinated water. When you do get in the pool, there is less room for chlorine and salt water to get in your hair because the fresh water is already occupying most of the space. 

Apply Coconut Oil

Once your hair is wet, you can take one more protective step and apply coconut oil to your hair. Coconut oil offers moisture to your hair and can help keep it from drying out even if you jump in the pool.  

It is important that you choose an extra virgin coconut oil for your hair. Coconut oil that has been processed offers less moisturizer to your hair.

Tie Up Your Hair

When your hair is not secured while you are swimming, it can start to tangle. Tangled hair can take time and effort to detangle. You can even experience some mild hair loss in some cases. 

To avoid this, tie your hair up before getting in the pool. You can use barrettes or bobby pins to keep the hair pinned. Some people opt to wear a swimming cap over the hair to provide an extra layer of protection. 

It is important that you pay close attention to your hair when swimming. Talk to your hair stylist about other ways you can protect your hair. To learn more, contact a company like Hott Heads Salon with any questions you have.