No Money And Want To Get Married? How To Do It On A Budget

If you and your spouse want to get married, but do not have enough money, there are ways you can still have a wedding. You can save money by using a less expensive venue, purchasing flowers from a grocery store, getting married in Vegas, and more.

Take a Trip to Las Vegas

You can get married in Las Vegas and then take your honeymoon there. You can choose a wedding chapel to get married in. Many of them will provide you with everything you need, such as witnesses, photographs, the wedding bouquet, and some even offer you a DVD to take home with you. This allows you to show your family members your wedding.

When you are finished getting married, take your honeymoon in Vegas also. You will not have to pay extra travel expenses, and in most cases, you can find nice hotels at great prices. The wedding chapel will likely be able to tell you the best places to stay for someone on a budget.

Less Expensive Venues

If you do not want to take a trip to Vegas, there are wedding venues you can choose that are much less expensive. For example, if you or your spouse enjoy art, contact an art gallery, and ask if you can hold a small ceremony in their lobby. You could also get married in a public park, or other public places. If you choose these venues, you will likely not be able to invite a large amount of people to your wedding, as there will only be room for so many in these areas.

Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet can be expensive if you have a florist make it for you. Instead of this, stop by your local grocery store floral department and pick up a bouquet already made. If you do not like any of them, purchase more than one, and combine flowers from each one to make the bouquet the way you like it. The florist there may offer to make up a quick bouquet for you at a much lesser price.

Casual Back Yard Wedding

If you would rather have a causal small wedding, consider your backyard. If it is not large enough, ask a friend that has a large yard. You could hold a barbecue to feed the guests, and have a friend make the wedding cake for you.

A budget wedding can be just as nice as one that you would spends thousands of dollars on. You can then use the money you will save to take a better honeymoon, or to purchase things for your new home. To learn more, take a look at the site here for help.