Don’t Think You Look Good In Dresses? 4 Ways To Shop For Your Body Type

Dress shopping can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know how to dress for your body type. Believe it or not, there is an art to choosing the right dress for your body. Even if you think you’ll never find a dress that looks good on you, help is available. This guide will help you choose the dress that’s perfect for your body.

Pear Shape

If you’re pear shaped–larger around the hips and thighs–there are a few rules you should follow. To move the focus away from the bottom portion of your body, avoid full skirts that will make your hips and thighs look larger. To bring the focus up towards your face, choose dresses that have plunging necklines, or adornments around the neckline.

Apple Shape

If you have a thicker mid-section–like an apple–you want to avoid tight-fitting dresses or belts that cinch tightly around the waist. Instead, choose dresses that have an empire waist–drop waist–that will take the focus off your waist.

If you want to wear a belt, choose one that falls loosely around your hips, instead of one that fits snugly around your waist. Loop chain belts or thin, light-weight sashes work well if you have a thicker mid-section.


If you have a large bustline, you want to accentuate your assets without overpowering the rest of your body. Dresses with a deep V-neck accentuate the bust line, without taking away from the rest of the look. When choosing the fabric, select one that will flow across your body rather than cling tightly.

Fabrics that are too tight will make your bustline look too large. You can downplay your bust line even more by selecting a hemline that rests about 2″ above your knees. This will allow the focus to flow across your entire body, instead of just your bustline.

None at All

If nature gave you a nearly non-existent bustline, you can add to your silhouette by choosing dresses that have scoop necklines. Layered necklaces and adorned necklines also fool the eye and add depth to your bust line. Try to avoid busy fabric patterns around your breasts, as they tend to draw attention to a smaller bust line.

You don’t have to be afraid of wearing dresses. Focusing on your body type will allow you to find a dress that you’ll love to wear.

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