Ingredients And Tools Needed To Make Vegan Lavender Soap In Your Kitchen

If you have the time, the right tools and ingredients, then you can make a vegan, lavender soap in your own kitchen. Once you assemble the ingredients, then all you have to do is determine the percentages (using a free calculator called SoapCal) and you can make your own soap. Here is a list of ingredients you will need.


You cannot make soap without lye. Lye is a dangerous material to work with because it is extremely caustic. If you mix lye and water and get it on your exposed skin you will suffer a severe burn. This is why soap makers use rubber gloves and eyeglasses.

If you can find pure lye at a store, then that’s great, but many people end up ordering online from a soap supply company. You are looking for lye (sodium hydroxide) not drain cleaner. Many drain cleaners are made using lye, but they also contain other ingredients such as tiny metal shavings or other chemicals.

Vegetable Oil

You can use coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or lots of other oils. A popular combination is olive oil and coconut. You don’t have to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, any regular store brand will do.

Soap Molds

You need to pour the soap into a mold and let it harden. The best types of molds are made of silicone. They are flexible, so when it comes time to unmold the soap you can flex them to get the soap out.

Immersion Blender

When you mix the lye/water mixture with the oil you will need an immersion blender. It helps to mix everything faster than if you were to stir it with a plastic spoon. The immersion blender should have a stainless steel wand, not aluminum because aluminum has a negative reaction when exposed to lye.

Lavender Essential Oil

You can get this at a health food store or online. Lavender oil is needed to create the smell of lavender. You can’t rely on dried lavender because it is the oil that has the potent fragrance. the lavender oil is added after you have mixed the lye/water mixture with the oils and they have traced. At this point you add your essential oil.

Digital Measuring Scale

You are going to have to weigh the oil, water, and lye precisely. You can’t eyeball estimate measurements. A digital scale will have a tare function. This is a button that will subtract the weight of a container. For example, you place a container on the scale and then push the tare button. This now sets the scale at zero. You can then fill the container with lye/water/ oil and get a precise measurement.

You can also purchase handmade soap, such as from Flowersong LLC , without the stress of having to make it yourself.